The extra virgin olive oil extracted from our olives owes its quality to  the happy union of the extremely favourable pedoclimatic conditions of this part of Tuscany and to the agronomic techniques of soil management, pruning, harvesting and pressing, which a centuries-old tradition has selected for the purpose of obtaining the best possible product, both from a point of view of taste and food safety.

Our olive oil is born within this geographical, historical and cultural context with the ambition to outdo the quality standard of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, which is already high.

The land of our olive groves, well exposed for the whole year to an optimal solar radiation and not excessively clay-rich, is home to the varieties that have best adapted to the hilly environment of central Tuscany: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino. We adopt agricultural practices allowed by organic farming rules both in the stage of fertilization and during all soil management operations as well as in the strategies and products used to fight adversities. All these things combined with a careful pruning, carried out annually, guarantee healthy olives of good size to be cold-pressed in the best local mills at the time of veraison. That’s the moment when the components that give the oil the best organoleptic characteristics and the concentrations of phenolics and antioxidants capable of delaying rancidity reach the maximum concentration.

So we get a product which is tasty without being aggressive, suitable for dressing any kind of salad as well as fresh or cooked vegetables, capable of enhancing the taste of potatoes and black, red and white meat, excellent also to be enjoyed as a starter on lightly toasted bread. Surely a product that can satisfy the most demanding palates.


The extra-virgin olive oil “Ulì - Ulivello in Chianti" is packaged in glass bottles and cans available in different sizes.

Bottles: 100 ml.  -  250 ml.  -  500 ml.  -  750 ml.

Cans: 250 ml.  -  500 ml.  -  1 l.  -  2 l.  -  3 l.  -  5 l.





The wines of “TORRACCIA DI PRESURA”, the historic family winery, are the result of careful and passionate work throughout all stages of production and are an expression of the tradition of Chianti Classico combined with the continuous search for high quality as evidenced by the numerous certificates received from the trade press, from the major national and foreign guides and from the main international wine competitions.


ORGANIC HONEY “DI FIORE IN FIORE”  www.difioreinfiore.com/home

An excellent honey produced by a small, young family-run company within the Casentinesi forest national park: a place away from any form of pollution ideal for the well-being of bees and for the search of an ever higher product quality.



Società agricola Ulivello in Chianti s.s.

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The farm Ulivello in Chianti Soc. Agr. s. s. took advantage of a European financing aimed to support the restoration project of a rural and historical building. This financing allowed the creation of a farm, a holiday farm and the purchase of the equipment to conduct the farming activity in the context of the Piano di Sviluppo Rurale 2014/2020 Reg. (UE) 1305/2013 – Aiuto all’avviamento di imprese per giovani agricoltori – Pacchetto Giovani annualità 2015.

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